Crystals are a powerful healing tool. The are combined with the practice of Chakra/Aura cleansing are combined to renew the body, mind and spirit.


Chakra and Aura Cleansing are a highly necessary healing remedy, to assist clients in releasing negative energy/baggage, and empower their spirit.



Dreams are a powerful way the subconscious sends us messages and  helps us find answers. If only we understood them.

Neurolinguistic programming provides strategies  to assist clients in planning and paving their way forward into a positive and exciting future.



The Ancient practice of Aboriginal smoking is used to support clients in their healing process.

Spirit connections are made to empower and support clients to find peace and let go.  This can be achieved through shamanic style practices, or photography where possible and appropriate.

Our Services

I like to combine a range of techniques and spiritual clearing and healing strategies that I have learnt throughout my life to support you to empower yourself in a way that they may enhance your life, and create a strong future for yourself and your family.


These techniques include:


  • Aura/Chakra & Crystal Cleansing

  • Card Readings

  • Tea Leaf Readings

  • Dream Analysis

  • Spirit Work

  • Aboriginal Smoking

  • Counselling/Life Coaching (NLP).


The basis of everything I do, is my Aboriginal culture and spirituality, which comes from the wisdoms passed down through my parents, grandparents, other Elders, and my Ancestors.  


When you first come to the centre I will yarn with you to assess your needs, and work with you to choose the combination of services that will best support and empower you to make change, or heal past issues.


If you have been struggling along for awhile now, with the same old 'stuff' coming up, and not really getting out of that cycle, then call me. Why wait any longer? You might only need something really simple, to help trigger you onto the best track for you.






Spirit Work Aboriginal Smoking Dream Analysis Tea Leaf Readings Card Readings Life Coaching/NLP Chakra & Aura Cleansing Contact for Appointment Packages Available

Tea leaf reading is a powerful medium for providing insight into a client's life journey.

Robynne uses a range of cards for readings including Tarot cards (pictured), Angel, Unicorn, Goddess, Fairy and other cards that provide insight and support.