Pictured: Top & Bottom pics: The Healing Room, Mulana Kaalinya.

NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro (brain), Linguistic (Language) and Programming (Behavioural Patterns).


NLP is an empowering way of looking at how we think, and communicate, and how this impacts on the models of behaviour we create in our lives.


Do you have the same patterns repeating themselves and causing grief for you and your loved ones?


Are you sick of the old patterns recurring, like a vicious cycle?


NLP supports you to identify the patterns and models of behaviour, that aren't working for you; empowers you to identify the new models of behaviour that you are striving for, and then provides you with ways of creating the new model of behaviour, step by step, to bring about positive change.


All services are provided in a completely confidential, safe and comfortable environment where we can spend time yarning, and work together to find new and exciting life pathways for you.




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