Distance Consultations

Out there in the Spirit World, there is  no time or distance. So it's possible to identify and connect with spirit from any part of the world, in the right conditions and with the use of the right tools and mediums.


Through the use of photography and other mediums I have been able to provide support, strategies, and guidance for individuals and groups in other parts of the world who are struggling with the presence of Spirit which may not always be supportive to the people around whom they linger.


Through this practice I am also able to empower people to take their power back and put in place strategies for healing and moving forward.


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All services are completely confidential, gentle and provided with love.

Pictured: Top & Bottom pics: The Healing Room, Mulana Kaalinya.

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Testimonial from the UK


Thank you so much Robynne for your spiritual help from so far away. You can't get much further than from Australia to England can you? Through your care and guidance, I have been able to really and truly step into my own spiritual skin. It's been quite an astonishing process for me personally and has been aided enormously by your firm but tender approach. You seemed to know when to stretch me that little bit further, which proved to be the perfect level of guidance and direction for me. I feel like I've come out of my spiritual shell and can stand proudly and with strength in my new self. Not only have you helped me, but in turn have helped the community in which I work. We are forever grateful for your help in empowering our group, positively working with spirit, and shifting energies and enriching us as a community so that we could release the negative energies and move forward as a community. Your ability to do such powerful work from the other side of the world, is incredible.

Cath,  UK 2013