Chakra & Aura Cleansing

& Crystal Healing



It is believed that we have seven inner energy centres, called chakras. Each relates to specific parts of our body (organs etc), and have some control of those areas. This impacts on the harmony of our body.


It is believed that when the chakras are open, the 'energy' in our bodies, flows. When there are blockages, this impacts signficantly on our health and wellbeing.


I have a number of methods I use to assist in the clearing of chakras, some of which involve the use of crystals and spiritual approaches.


I will use whichever best suits you on the day.




Every organism on earth has an electromagnetic field around it. The field is made up of seven layers. An imbalance in one of these layers, effects all the others and our balance, health and wellbeing.


I use techniques that I have learnt on my travels, to cleanse your aura, and lighten your load.  







All services are completely confidential, gentle, and provided with love in a safe environment.









Pictured: Top & Bottom pics: Crystals, The Healing Room, Mulana Kaalinya.

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