Aboriginal Smoking



Traditionally and historically, Aboriginal people would use the very powerful 'smoking' technique for:


  • cleansing our homes of evil spirits

  • releasing our loved ones who have passed away,  so that they let go, and move on to the dreaming/dreamtime

  • cleansing individuals and families for health and healing.


I use the smoking technique in much the same ways. Either for individuals who visit Mulana Kaalinya, and:


  • Need to be cleansed of evil spirits

  • Need cleansing, for health and healing

  • Need cleansing to release the old and make way for new experiences.


Or in private homes, for people who feel they need to have a smoking completed on their home and property, and/or for their entire family:


  • to release any negative energies they feel are present

  • to help their family release the old and heal together, to make way for new and wonderful experiences

  • to release loved ones who have passed on but have remained in the home

  • to release loved ones who have passed away suddenly, in tragic circumstances, and may be remaining on this plane, lost, confused and troubled.  (They are needing to find peace and move on to the dreaming, to their ancestors, to the spirit world as pure light beings).

  • to support loved ones/families in 'their' healing process, after the loss of loved ones.




Talk to Robynne about what it is that you think may be needed for you, your family and/or your home.


All services are completely confidential, gentle and provided with love.



Pictured: Smoke amongst the river red gums.

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